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      Name of project: Japanese restaurant of Dajiang River


      Project address: China, Shenzhen


      Project area: 430 square meters


      Completion time: 2017


      Design Innovation: Xin Jun


      Main materials: gray paint, black stone, paper, paper, wood veneer, bamboo


      Design concept: a viewing restaurant in the clouds



      This is a Japanese restaurant located at the CBD position. Shenzhen Hotel 55 floor, the entire building is outside the landing transparent curtain wall, wide field of vision, the city landscape at a glance, and these are more beautiful than any decoration, more abundant, will change as the weather changes, but also changes over time, or fine, or cloudy or misty, or sunset charming, especially in the night is starry, then decided to do a design of cloud restaurant concept, most of the seats in the window. The Teppanyaki sets back to the landscape, but the guests can be opposite the beauty of dining.


      The restaurant is a bamboo corridor, facing the screen wall is the modern Japanese, ground display by rocks waterscape city group scene, through the bamboo corridors after the arrival of the dining area, the right is the sashimi stalls and scattered at the left, is the most rooms, partition by line plus chapter paper do city. The most streamlined preserved timber elements Japanese culture, at the same time in the most simple and modern lines to form the wall. Local color hand painting and local embroidery, Japanese practice simple even more delicate and elegant, create a mysterious and quiet dining atmosphere.