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      Title: CARMEN flagship store

      Chief Designer:Huson

      Participation in design:  Luo Weiwei, Luo Wenliang, Liu Qihong

      Project dress: Guangdong, Dongguan

      Completion date: October 2016

      Project area: 340 square meters

      Photographer: Liu Cheng

      Main building materials:acrylic, custom type corrugated plate.




      CARMEN flagship store with the brand culture and brand temperament, space mainly in the fashion of modern music, the flagship store of central large ceiling installation to promote the space level and also increase the space to create interesting;

      Using humanity commercial space abstract painting art and business sense of distance balance.


      Designers trying to clean more pure practices to explore, thinking and space dialogue, continued and space, and in black and white "no language" scene for the female space space construction stage with gesture interpretation of grace, the real reason; let the space respect story, let the space writing a story.



      CARMEN flagship store layout into the retail space concept + friends + leisure, customers here to decorate your life attitude but also can party friends, learning exchanges, also can experience and enjoy delicious dessert;

      Layout in a coherent, integrated space, sales area, scene display area, reception cashier district division the different functional areas, enhancing the interaction range of each function. This will be a series of design concept and spatial layout blend, to provide a more rich experience.


      In the design of material innovation, low carbon economy and.CARMEN flagship store in the material are mainly light tone series, desalination material to create and tone of the story space hero in riotous profusion, a large area of rich black and white space regeneration plate custom levels and details, the local color in the color space material nongmo rhythm can a degree of relaxation.