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Cliff front 7 (Carbon House)
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设计者: Alexis Dornier
Cliff front 7 (Carbon House)说明:

Cliff Front 7

LOCATION: Uluwatu Surf Villas, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

PROGRAM: private residence, part of USV



INTERIOR DESIGN: Alexis Dornier with Tim Russo

SIZE: 275 m2

STATUS: completed march, 2019

COLLABORATORS: Uluwatu Surf Villas

BRANDS: Grohe, Toto, Tecnogas, Franke, LG, Sika flex

PHOTO CREDIT: kie,  @kiearch,

As part of the expansion of the Uluwatu Surf Villas, Cliff Front 7 (CARBON HOUSE)  has been designed in collaboration with Tim Russo.

The overall design is a result of applied challenges through plot boundaries amongst the natural landscape. This tropical modern villa consists of 4 bedrooms and maintains a consistent palette of 100-plus year-old reclaimed teak from Java, reclaimed ironwood from Kalimantan, andesite, terrazzo, local limestone, and floor to ceiling windows. The predominant gesture of the house is it’s polygonal shading element, which introduces a transition space, semi-covered and connecting the indoors with the outdoors.  Various folds in the roof give a sense of protection and privacy, and each bedroom bares it’s own signature as a result of the projects overarching architectural narrative. Cladded with reclaimed teak, the ceiling gives a stark contrast to the lime stone walls that pick up the geometric theme on another scale - a big puzzle of individually cut stone plates that are sourced from a quarry near by.  An expansive garden scape cascades from the angular infinity pool, back dropped by the Indian Ocean. Custom furniture was created to fit into the buildings unique angles. This villa houses a collection of oversized framed art by Andy Davis. 

• Lot size – 1,100m2

• Villa size – 275m2     

• Pool size – 42m2

Cliff Front 7 (Carbon House) is part of the ‘Uluwatu Surf Villas a resort dedicated to surf and travel culture. For information on booking please go to and find them on Instagram @uluwatusurfvillas

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