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KAIFUN Together
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设计者: J.C. Architecture
KAIFUN Together说明:

The client is one of the Sichuan chain-restaurants, Kai Fun Together, and have been passing on their Sichuan culinary skills for forty years. They hold an unwavering desire to create traditional nostalgic dishes that take people back in time. Reflecting on the origin of Sichuan cuisine, we learned about the local’s love towards bamboo forests and were introduced to a cherished element: green barley brick. We drew our design from these elements and utilized their every-day materials, bringing back what was lost: the memories down the old Sichuan alleys.


Brick by Brick

Lines and circles are the principal elements that shape the space. The walls reflect the layering design of Chinese brick houses. Weaving strips of wood together, piece by piece, layer by layer, intersecting and aligning, the lively spiriting of the Old Alleys is brought into the restaurant. Just as how a circle represents a single line that connects all, customers find their longing for communion and reunion manifested in the round table and wall plates. Like a painting, the central wall captures the ecstatic moment of people bonding over a simple yet unforgettable meal.



The lighting is composed of bamboo pieces, hovered under the warm light, creating the silhouette of a bamboo forest. Under this silhouette, each person is brought into a poetic world where every detail becomes an element that takes the customer back to a warm, nostalgic moment in their hometown.


It is our desire to create an exuberant experience for the customers that brings the modern and traditional together. Through a design that represents the characteristics of the restaurant, reflects the Asian culture, and inspires new possibilities, each customer can discover a deeper joy and wonder.

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