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Perfect Diary Flagship Store
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设计者: Jung Gon Kim , Hwan
Perfect Diary Flagship Store说明:


Identity of Perfect Diary is immediate and simple. Considering Chengdu, the metropolitan of China which boasts the world’s second-largest population, it was important to take away something from the human-filled space and the complex decorations were unnecessary. Instead, we attached importance to the mood. Customers demanded the space with neutral, urban and cold image, and we accepted it by applying the device of staircase and the color point to the space finished with the materials such as concrete and metal.

Each staircase revealing different atmospheres takes charge of the transition of intense narrative and sequence presented by each of five floors. Its structure towards the different directions on every floor makes the customers recognize where they are. The staircase of Perfect Diary has a narrative as ‘a journey to find true self’, and is functional and aesthetic.


It is just the color that makes it overcome the simple spatial limits. Perfect Diary flagship store in Chengdu completed with the harmony of lighting and materials’ colors shines in itself. In particular, the variation of light emitted from the facade is brilliant supremely. On the other hand, the light from the window dies down at night, and the hidden screen on the facade emits its own reflective textural sense when the light is turned off.

We describe the process of continuous changes in the manner of design for Perfect Diary flagship store which keeps the narrative of beauty and makeup. 

Because the practical images the customers can encounter in the middle of following staircase, a gate between floors, are intertwined in the mixture of light and color subtly, there are themes and narratives wherever they go. In the process, they become to join in the journey of discovering their own images naturally and to look at their own beauty.

■ Overview
Use : Cosmetic Store & Cafe
Area : 995.3sqm (301.6py)
Completion : Aug. 2019
Finishing materials  

-Floor: Terrazzo tile
-Wall: Concrete panel, Satin glass, Aluminum panel, Hidden screen, Granite stone
-Ceiling: Pandomo, Sus vibration 

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