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object d’ art "Mori" (forest)
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设计者: Arbol Design
object d’ art "Mori" (forest)说明:

The reason why arbol worked on “object d’art "Mori"(forest) was for a common spaces renovation plan at Sumiyoshi school of Tezukayama-gakuin in Osaka.

Tezukayama-gakuin has more than 100-year history, it started an elementary school first, and a kindergarten, a girls’ school were founded later, and currently, it consists of kindergarten to university of co-education system, known as a prestigious school around Tezukayama area. The planning site is Sumiyoshi school where from elementary school to high school students commute. Common spaces were planned to create as a new education place, which meant, it was a renovation of a library and a multi-purpose room, the shared spaces for the students.

The whole plan was conducted by Yamada comprehensive design corporation, and among the plan, arbol was assigned to work on installation at a hallway.

The hallway produces an activity space for students, and at the same time, it is positioned as a place which connects the whole common spaces.

As for installation design, the hallway which is an axis of common spaces, is the place for encouraging students to communicate with each other, and also the place for switching their minds during studying time. Therefore the design concept was influenced by the environment that physically it means “mobility”, but psychologically it means “stillness”. The atmosphere where the students could expand their sensibilities, the space where they could feel embraced with kindness, the design was also inspired by these factors. Furthermore, by taking the history that Tezukayama-gakuin used to be a pine forest, and the policy that the first principal of the school, Mr. Eiji Syono had encouraged the students to learn from the forest, into consideration, the concept image became "forest stroll", "gathering place with a soft atmosphere", "brandnew symbol appealing to five senses".

When pursing the ultimate concept of space, there is a thought that space is "object" would work efficiently, exactly, and impressively, under "light". With taking this theory, this time, “object d’art "Mori"(forest) which is made of solid wood of Yoshino cider was created, and at the same time, the quality of lighting was carefully chosen, by having an effect that it illuminates “object d’art "Mori"(forest) like floating in the air,  a symbolic impression image was planned.

Polishing the concept, creating object with extremely high quality, focusing on light.

Object d’ art "Mori"(forest) was created by Mr. Hirai Kenta, who is a woodworker. Mr. Hirai has learned a woodworking skill at Hidatakayama in 2010, and later, for 3years, he had worked at "joseph walsh studio" in Ireland. After return to Japan, he started "studio Jig" in Nara in 2017. His special feature skill is that he can create several layered - bending wood like cider, and produce products which have beautiful lines of bending wood. Currently he is the only one woodworker who has this skill in Japan (as of March, 2019).

For about the design details, as hallway is the place where the elementary school students walk along vigorously, it requires safety first, therefore three small objects d’art were planned in about 1200mms square, whose size is easy to be taken care of, and they are placed in front of the multi-purpose room, the center of activity place. By creating the objects in a compact size, within a limited cost, and time, the ability and skill of Mr. Hirai is shined even more, a condensed beauty of the objects creates a truly unique space which you would not find anywhere else.

In the school with a long history , there are several objects d’art. For instance, small statues of a rabbit and a turtle sitting on the handrail of the stairs, have been touched  by the students for generations, and the touching made the statues rounder and softer as time went by, its impression is hard to explain, showing its existence beautifully.

With this plan,  as an axis of the common spaces, the place was made for students to polish their senses, resonate, and think on their own. Being touched by students, their touched traces of the objects dart will have a warmer and softer impression, and as an one and only symbol, the objects will be aged along the history of the school little by little.

<Overview of installation>

Internal shared corridor part of Sumiyoshi school of Tezukayama-gakuin Commons room renovation (Overall supervision design | Yamada Design Office) Project period | July 2018-December 2018 wood object design | arbol Yousaku Tsutsumi , Yuko Inoue Object and production of wood | woodworking write Kenta Hirai Lighting planning and production | Modurex Photo | Yasunori Shimomura Client | School of Tezukayama Gakuin Produced | KIP Corporation Hiroko Nishida

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