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设计师: 袁洋
<p>整个空间蕴藏着设计师对人与空间关系的思考和解读,在平静与克制中追求轻松自然的舒适感。叠状白漆线条和大理石艺术墙是以致敬国际建筑大师斯卡帕的设计元素,结合中国古画《溪山行旅》创作而成。古老的工艺与现代的材料完美融汇贯通,有感染力的建筑语汇重新诠释了时间遗留下来的质感与痕迹。三本闲书点缀其间,带给未来的住户一种无言的人文熏陶,传承古今的卓越匠心在此处展现得淋漓尽致。</p> <p>The whole space contains the designer's thinking and interpretation of the relationship between human and space, and the pursuit of relaxed and natural comfort in calm and restraint. The overlapped white lacquer line and marble art wall are created by paying homage to the design elements of the International Master of architecture Scarpa and combining with the Chinese ancient painting "Traveling amid Mountains and Stream". The ancient technology and modern materials are perfectly integrated, and the infectious architectural vocabulary reinterprets the texture and trace left by time. Three light readings are interspersed with them, bringing a kind of wordless humanistic edification to the future residents.</p> <p> </p> <p>此外,设计师对光线的巧妙掌握,亦使得茶室区充满盎然生机。流泻而入的自然光线与藏于缝隙的氛围暖光在空间内交汇流动,明与暗的辉映,光与影的共鸣,使得建筑的物质性和形式感得以充分表达,也令整个空间风采更为生动。简洁大气的场域,承载着丰满的&ldquo空&rdquo,给空间留白,却又不失美感。置身其间,犹如进入一个侘寂的梦境。</p> <p>In addition, the designer's skillful control of the light also makes the teahouse area full of vitality. The natural light flowing in and the warm light hidden in the gap meet and flow in the space. The reflection of light and dark, the resonance of light and shadow, make the materiality and form of the building fully expressed, and let the whole space be more vivid. Simple and atmospheric field, leaves space blank, but not lose beauty. Being in it is like entering a quiet dream.</p>

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