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设计者: BCA Taller de Diseño

Project's name: Casa Bosque de Niebla

Design: BCA Taller de Diseño

Location: Jalapa, Veracruz

Year: 2015

Construction: 827 m2

Photograph: Nasser Malek

For the project Casa Bosque de Niebla in Jalapa, Veracruz, there was another proposal already in process, some walls and ceilings for the first level. Our first challenge was using what we already had and to develop a new proposal according to our client´s needs and the interior project left in our hands.

We made some modifications and we also had to demolish some of the existing walls to improve the functionality of the space. The second challenge was to develop a project according to the needs of the family who will live space who was asking us to create an environment that would encourage communication and as many as possible meeting points for the daily coexistence of all.

Focused in the interiors, just as we like make our projects, we developed an architectural project that takes the form from all the needs in each space and the elements selected to imprint the personality of each member of the family. The color palette harmonizes with materials such as limestone, Mexican cream marble and walnut wood that adds an attractive contrast. The natural light was faded traps to achieve a more intimate atmosphere.

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