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Jakob Factory
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设计者: G8A Architecture & U
Jakob Factory说明:
Name of project: Jakob Factory   Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Program: Factory, offices & facilities Year: 2015 – 2019 Partner: rollimarchini architects Client: Jakob Saigon LTD Type: Commission Project cost: 12M USD Site Area: 45’000m2 Photographer: Severin Jakob

The Jakob Company was founded 116 years ago in Switzerland in 1904, mainly manufacturing steel tension cables for industrial and construction purposes. The company has evolved in its product innovation and manufacturing methods through the years. This forward thinking has led to expanding its operations internationally. 

  Together with rollimarchini architects, G8A has designed the new Jakob Saigon facto­ry in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The design is true to its Swiss roots based on two principles efficiency and aes­thetics.  The project aims to be a pioneer in Vietnam, with a 100% naturally ventilated factory. Based on pas­sive climatic strategies, adapted to tropical region, the design has developed a porous facade. The smart green envelope has lush hanging geotextile planters that of­fer a new dimension to sustainable design.  The planning follows a modular structural composition to provide flexibility. The facade design mimics the repetitive and sequenced movement of the manufacturing process. The unique design pays tribute to its context as well as providing a work space for Jakob’s employees to enjoy.

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